Well, I tried Tokyo Ghoul

Can I just say that I watched three episodes of Toyko Ghoul and wasn’t disturbed at all? I actually liked it. A lot. After going through Dolls Fall, Madoka Magica, Higurashi and some other anime that are pretty horrific without losing my mind, I’m pretty sure this one won’t disturb me either. And so far, it hasn’t gotten to me.

I’ve been told it gets more disturbing later, but I had to stop for the night because of Toonami, so ugh.

But I’m really liking this show. We’ll see how long it takes me to get disturbed.


Weeb dreams.

So I had an anime nightmare:

A depressed anime girl is reading a book. It is a happy book. The girl cries her eyes out as she reads the book. Her parents call for her, but she tells them to go away. She continues to read the book lamenting how she used to be happy and locks herself in the closet.

That depressed anime girl was most likely me. I don’t know I feel like this, but I just know.