Summer 2014 Anime of the Season stuff

Part 1. Current thoughts.

MY FAVORITE this season: God Eater, Monster Musume, Gakkou Gurashi, Symphogear GX, Shimoneta, Rokka no Yuusha.

MY TIME-KILLERS: Aoharu x Machinegun, Game of Laplace, Venus Project, Sky Wizards Academy (sorry).

My LEAST favorite this season: Gonna have to say Venus Project. =/
Silliest/Most Ridiculous: Shimoneta for sure. To the max.
Murdered all my hype for: Nothing yet.
Anime I don’t know where it can possibly go: Aoharu x Machinegun.
Anime that will only continue to be predictable: Sky Wizards Academy.
Most fanservice: Shimoneta, Monster Musume.
Anime that will probably get another season: Monster Musume, if popularity holds, not sure what else.
Anime that will probably never be heard from again after this: N/A.
Anime that might be a split-cour in disguise: GOD EATER, HOPEFULLY.
Most unpredictable: Shimoneta.
Best OP: Monster Musume. Monster…monster… mon, mon, mon, monster.
Worst: Game of Laplace…because. @_@
Cutest: Gakkou Gurashi, hahahhahaha.
Trippiest: None yet. xD
The one where I want to take my past self and punch in the face for picking: Venus Project Climax because…generic. u_u

Anime I regret not putting on my list or dropping off my list: Charlotte, Chaos Dragon, Gatchaman Crowds Insight.

My anime of the season so far: Gakkou Gurashi!


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