“Anime are all the same.”

Oh my god, don’t even try that. Let me explain why. Yes, there is a term for this “generic.” Every anime is different. All of them, and I get a little sad when people say “anime’s all the same lately. It’s not fun anymore.” If you really think that, you’d have to really read through descriptions. Just because an anime came from an obscure, probably unpopular light novel about a school battle action, doesn’t mean it’s “the same thing over and over again.” Okay, look at the anime Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance and then go look at Absolute Duo.

People argue they’re the same thing. Huh? What? Just because they both take place in school and deal with people and their weapons does not mean they’re the same thing. =\ Okay? It’s annoying, and I liked both these titles. Especially the former, because it was a good ecchi.

I literally just disagree. Generic just means it follows the same simple formula. Since when did it mean… “everything is copy and paste! Just change the names of the characters and plot a bit, and you’re good to go!” No. All anime can be different if you give it a try.

Yes, giving it a try. I just happen to be a fan of ecchi harem school battle action anime. They’re fun for me, and then people mock me and say “lol, are you trolling?”

Nope. Am I…not allowed to like school battle action ecchi harems? It helps me be okay with liking girs; my own physical gender.

Regardless. Everything can be different. Unique, maybe not, but not all anime are “all the same.” Sure, all visual novels follow the same basic plot, but if you can make them out to be something different. I stopped saying “anime is all the same” because look, it’s not true. And I’m in the MINORITY WHEN I SAY THAT. Ugh.


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