Explaining EOE (End of Eva)

Copied from my MAL post.

Okay. I can explain. Rei was tired of listening to Gendo and merged with Lilith to demonstrate this. Causing the Third Impact, which thus destroyed the world, but eventually people did reconstruct. The only two that were left were Shinji and Asuka. I’m pretty sure Shinji still had lingering frustration with her, so he tried to strangle her. Asuka said “disgusting” because she was disgusted by the fact that Shinji tried killing her. The part with the real world sequence is supposed to be a world where Shinji doesn’t exist. And Shinji is completely traumatized by having to kill Kaworu, so why would he want to pilot the thing that killed the only person who remotely gave two shits about him?

Honestly, I don’t find it that hard to understand. The animation gave me a headache, though. Now, Revolutionary Girl Utena… which had the most confusing movie ever, that I had a hard time understanding.

And of course, there’s another anime that’s even worse with “the fuck did I just watch?”


All of it.

And, Humanity Has Declined. The only anime that drove me to tears because I couldn’t understand a freaking thing. But Evangelion was child’s play. I understood the whole thing without summaries. Yeah.

Kagerou Project, though, I won’t lie about, is probably the most complicated. Time is a trick thing to mess with. You’ve got to realize, there’s a lot of time resets in Kagepro. If you can grasp the entire story, you’re too good. It took me at least until the anime to understand everything. Before (my first try) the manga, I didn’t get it at all. So, it took a lot of summaries for that one, lmao.

On another note, non anime related…if you can fully understand Homestuck, you sir, are amazing. I can’t even grasp it without DESCRIPTIONS!

But yeah, I understand Neon Genesis Evangelion as well as the End of Eva. It’s not as complicated as you make it out to be. Then again, I have serotonin deficiency. Partially, I am “mentally ill.” So, I guess the two understand one another. But weirdness from Utena is too hard.

Yuri Kuma took a long time, too, js.

But yeah.


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