Well, it’s not a surprise I’d watch Revolutionary Girl Utena eventually. I’ve watched both of Ikuhara’s other works. (I don’t count Sailor Moon since he had no creative freedom over it). This show is much weirder now that I realized who directed it. it has Ikuhara’s scent all over it. Repitiveness, random music, etc. Yup, I’m in for a weirdness treat.

People often argue this isn’t a magical girl. I’m sorry, I’m on that side. It has no magical girl feel to it. Then again, I’m five episodes in, so I guess that my judgment will change later. I’ve heard other arguments that this isn’t a yuri either, but I can see it is since Himemiya is basically engaged to Utena and calls her “Utena-sama.” Even without getting around this, it’s obviously a yuri.

From a standpoint, Utena wants to be a prince. I already knew that before watching this, by the way, since I read the manga partway. I thought that was kind of weird, but I got used to it.

Also, my favorite line, um.
“Well, there’s no rule against a girl wearing the boy’s uniform!” Just… lol.

I’ve heard many things that it

A.) Is a mindfuck.

B.) Has a sitton of symbolism.

C.) Is very weird.

D.) Gets very dark.

E.) Is famous for a reason.

So, I’ll look for all the symbolism as I go on. So far, I can see why it’s well received. I’ll keep going in five episode intervals for now.


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