I just watched the best anime ever.

And the show’s name is Sakura Trick. I’ve been meaning to watch this awhile. It’s by Studio Deen, and oh my god, the internet sure hates them. BUT NOT ME.

I mean, omg, Haruka is the best main character in any yuri I have ever seen. She wants Yuu so bad, lmao.

This show is so amusing, it’s already seeking top spot in my top 20 anime. Oh my God, it is just so amazing. I can’t believe I waited until 2015 for this amazing piece of God.


Hard part about this anime season

The hard part about this winter season: all the shows I’m watching, one way or another, are ecchi. I like ecchi, but it’s kind of shameful for me to be watching so much ecchi this season, lol.

I’m also watching Yuri Kuma Arashi and the magical boy anime. Of course, I like both of these because I like seeing shows like this, but everything else I’m watching will be loaded with fanservice, save for maybe Seiken Tsukai no World Break, maybe.

Dog Days” is often disputed as an ecchi, but trust me, from what I’ve seen, season one and season two are ecchi. Just in lighter forms. Is that…even possible? I guess it is, but my point is that all the stuff I’m watching this season have fanservice.

Not like I care, but lol.

Seriously if I cared, I wouldn’t watch that stuff now would I? No, of course I wouldn’t. I would have no reason two. I just happen to love all that stuff. Despite how some people are just not cool with that, I am, and don’t mind ecchi at all.

Never did, never will. Considering how much I watch them and they rot my brain to the core, pfft.

That’s just how I am. Magical girl is my favorite genre, and I never deny that I don’t watch ecchi. I mean.



Look at this: DAT KISS

I actually fangirled at this scene.

Honestly, I watch ecchi for scenes like this. I like cute/hot girls being forced into a fanservice situation. It doesn’t bother me, and it never bothered me.

It’s also because I can’t come out and say I’m a lesbian, so I just watch a crapton of ecchi because I’m not ready for a girlfriend or to come out. Of course, I won’t admit that “the more fanservice the better” “the more ecchi the better!” Okay, no, I’m not like this. I’ll just literally watch any ecchi.

If I can put up with Momo Kyun Sword, I’ll put up with any ecchi. Even Green Green.

There you have it, folks.

Weeb dreams.

So I had an anime nightmare:

A depressed anime girl is reading a book. It is a happy book. The girl cries her eyes out as she reads the book. Her parents call for her, but she tells them to go away. She continues to read the book lamenting how she used to be happy and locks herself in the closet.

That depressed anime girl was most likely me. I don’t know I feel like this, but I just know.